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Auto Expo 2018 India highlights: Electric Vehicles, concepts, hybrids, startups

The Indian Express : This year The Auto Expo saw the number of EVs surge 10-fold to over 50 electric and hybrid vehicles as car makers drew up plans for electrification of their fresh line-up of products.

The Auto Expo 2018 kicked off on Wednesday with car makers and commercial vehicle manufacturers unveiling a slew of electric and hybrid vehicles, in line with the government’s aggressive target to electrify all new vehicles by 2030. The thrust on electric vehicles was a unifying theme across the lineups of vehicle makers that was on display.

What was also noticeable on day one was the absence of a fresh line-up of cars and motorcycles as a number of big vehicle manufacturers decided to give Auto Expo 2018 a miss. Alongside, there was a bevy of concepts on offer from the 22 exhibitors who unveiled 65 products with 14 fresh launches on day one, most of which were about two or three years away from making their way on to the road.

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Car Crash Bar Saver or Killer

What is Crash Bar ?

Crash bars also  known as bull bars, crash guards are rods or bars made of steel, iron or plastic which are fixed in cars to protect the bumper, radiator, and headlights.

Why Indian Government has banned Crash guard ?

The Union ministry of road transport and highways asked all states to take stern action against unauthorised fitment of crash guards in vehicles. In a written communication to the transport commissioner of all states and Union Territories, the ministry stated that crash guards “pose serious safety concerns to the pedestrians as well as occupants of the vehicle.

“It is a misconception that crash guards add safety to vehicle passengers. The front of every car has built in crumple zones which help reduce the impact of an accident. When a crash guard is fitted to a car, it can make the crumple zones ineffective during a crash, transmitting force to the passengers, thereby causing injuries,” a transport official said. It also interferes with the working of air bags in the car apart from posing serious danger to pedestrians and cyclists.

Also as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, these accessories are illegal and installing them can attract a fine of  Rs.1,000 for the first offence and Rs.2,000 for subsequent offences. Those who sell or deliver such accessories are liable to be fined as much as Rs.5,000.

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Reference  : Hindustan Times

Does Your CAR own ABS system

What is ABS ?

ABS means Anti-lock Braking System. It was invented to help the driver maintain some steering control and avoid vehicle skidding while braking.

Who invented ABS ?

The ABS was invented by Gabriel Voisin in 1929.The German firm Bosch had been developing anti-lock braking technology since the 1930s, but the first  car using Bosch’s electronic system became available in 1978. They first appeared in trucks and the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. ABS Systems were later introduced on motorcycles.

How  ABS Works ?

ABS technology uses sensors to measure speed of each wheel to determine if one or more wheels are trying to lock up during braking. If a wheel tries to lock up, a series of hydraulic valves limit or reduce the braking on that wheel. This prevents skidding and allows you to maintain steering control thus preventing the vehicle to loose direction.

Why ABS is important for safe driving ?

When you require to stop the car in emergency situation ,With ABS brakes the braking distance for a car to come to a full stop is much shorter than if there where no ABS brakes.

When you brake hard a car without ABS Brakes the tyres skid and the area of the tyre in contact with the road gets worn out. Frequent use of hard braking on Indian roads lead to the tyre getting worn out in different areas on the tyre and this leads to the tyre getting out of balance and causing vibrations;Hence ABS system increases life of your car tyre.

Also the ABS system prevents the car from turning into multiple directions on application of  immediate brakes.It makes the car stable on application of immediate brakes.

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Maruti to roll out Android Auto update for car models

According to news (Financial Express) Maruti Suzuki has sent a circular to all its service outlets,  giving instructions and details about the new Android Auto update.

Maruti has capitalized providing their cars with the more phone specific Android Auto and Apple CarPlay both of which optimize the output for in-car use. They are a lot easier to use, and make for a more connected driving experience without really having to reach for your phone. Now ofcourse Maruti has announced that their entire range will be able to upgrade there existing touchscreen Smartplay infotainment systems  enabled Maruti car to support all three.

Maruti Suzuki has started rolling out the Android Auto update for select car models. The cars that have received the latest update include the touchscreen-equipped models of Baleno, Ertiga, S-Cross, Ciaz and Vitara Brezza. In order to get the update for the said infotainment system, the customer has to take his car to an authorized Maruti Suzuki service center. Maruti Suzuki has already sent a circular to its car service outlets giving instructions and details about the new update. The document also states that specific VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) series for the car variants that are eligible for the new Android Auto update.

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